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Worldreader’s mission is to bring digital books to children and families around the world to improve literacy rates dramatically. With an ever increasing growth in technology, Worldreader provides e-readers to children and families, reaches 69 different countries, and provides hundreds and thousands of different titles to choose from.


Milk+Bookies is all about spreading the enjoyment of reading to those who can’t afford books of their own. It’s also focused on showing how wonderful the act of giving back is for young children by encouraging kids to donate their own books. This holiday season, you can even host your own M+B book raiser party!




Apps For Early Readers


Word Bingo:  Who doesn’t love a good game of BINGO? This fun app teaches  kids basic sight words while they play.

Super Why:  With some help from some superhero readers, your kid will get a jump start on reading by playing these fun, interactive reading games.


Apps for Elementary School Readers

Bookboard:  Readers of all levels and ages are given specially selected literature to read. The best part? The more kids read, the more books are unlocked, opening up their eyes to new books every day.

Snap Reading:  More than 150 leveled, interactive e-books are paired with fully scripted lesson plans, related activities and more.


Apps For Middle School and High School


Kindle:  This is kind of an obvious choice, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that kids who have access to books—and lots of them—are more likely to read than kids that don’t.  And with the free Kindle app, your kid will have access to millions of books.

High School BitesBased on the bestselling youth fantasy novels The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, this game-based app lets teens score points as they duel with slayers and try to survive school.