Unveil the Magic of the Books

Books contain the power to transform you. It creates a shift in your mental state that illuminates every present brain cells to give you the ultimate gift. Sounds magical right? Yes. But in order to achieve this kind of tranquillity, one needs to understand and obey the fundamental law- ‘read to read’. The law states that to witness such a condition one needs to create an affection towards the habit of reading. The magic only works when you immerse yourself in a book, criticising and forming your own thoughts and opinion as you read while forging a relationship between yourself and the author.

For someone quite naive to such a notion, it is quite understandable that these arguments might sound illogical and flawed. Also for someone who has witnessed such an epiphany, but might not have come to terms with the underlying feelings or is quite reluctant or confused to put in words. Here is a list of unspoken benefits that might change your perspective on how you see reading and give you a profound insight on how you can change your life without moving a physical muscle.

Self-Knowledge: What would it feel like when you found a part of yourself? You may cry, smile or wince and just take a while to sink in the moment of self-realisation. When you read, and you find a piece of information that connects to you or speak to your soul – you feel enlightened. You feel like somehow the author has given you the one thing that you had been searching your whole life. The words written by unlikely stranger creates a bridge for you to meet the most important person in the world- yourself.

Empathy: When you invest your time in listening to someone’s thoughts, you create an empathy towards them. When you read, the book provides a portal for you to jump into the author’s mind and make you care enough to truly listen to their musings. Even if you don’t like their opinions, you exercise your mind to open up and understand their shortcomings and reasons behind them.

Humility: When you let go of your ego, you can truly open your eyes to see that there are things much bigger than you, there are people much smarter than you and you are just a tiny part of the giant universe. Reading books make you accept these facts, and open up a window of this universe for you to explore and engage.

Presence: The practice of mindfulness has been there for centuries and a lot of has been said regarding its benefits. Meditation is widely considered to be the way this practice can be cultivated, but it is not the only way. When you dig into a book that has caught your attention, time ceases to exist, your attention span increases tenfold and the only thing that matters to you in that moment are the words written on that book. Your worry, fears and anguished gets boxed away into a container labelled ‘for later’ and the only worry you have is to flip to the next page.

Joy: If anything has to stick, it needs to be enjoyable. The act of doing anything that is boring and blatant should be stopped. Reading can be tiresome and dull, only when it’s challenging or your interest does not match with the book’s content. Read books that jog up your brain and ignite a sense of enjoyment. When you do this, the joy that comes with it has no bounds. Read what enriches you and your life will be changed because of it.

The power is real. You just need to dive right into it.

If you are one of those people, that have been struck by the magical prowess of reading books, we would like you to share your stories and encourage fellow beings especially young people to enter the book realm and show them that the magic of books is real. Use the hashtag #risethroughreading on social media to voice your thoughts and follow our other social media accounts for more content.

                                 -Paras Agarwal